2023-2024 Admission Criteria

The MSc in Civil-Environmental Engineering is open to candidates possessing a Bachelor's Degree (or a first-cycle degree equivalent to the Italian Laurea) in Civil and Environmental Engineering. For all applicants, enrollment is conditioned to the possession of:

  • CEFR B2 (upper intermediate) English level certification; 

Italian candidates

Enrolment is allowed to Italian candidates possessing a first level qualification belonging to class 08 (DM 509) or L-7 (DM 270). For students with a first level qualification in other classes (or equivalent), a minimum of 30 and 45 credits on subjects pertaining to Base and Characterizing Scientific Disciplinary Sectors (SSD) is required. In addition, the verification of the adequacy of the individual student's personal preparation is also entrusted to the following specific procedures

  • The adequacy of the personal preparation is automatically verified
    • in the case of a first level qualification obtained in a number of years equal to the number of years foreseen by the commitment type (full-time, not full-time);
    • in the case of a first level qualification obtained with a final weighted average mark not lower than 27/30 (or equivalent in the case of foreign students);
    • in the case of a first level qualification obtained with a final weighted average mark higher than 25/30 (or equivalent in the case of foreign students) in a number of years not exceeding twice the number of years foreseen by its type of commitment (time full, not full-time).

If the conditions referred to in the three preceding paragraphs do not exist, the assessment of the adequacy of the personal preparation takes place through an admission examination.

Foreign candidates

Enrolment is allowed to foreign candidates possessing

  •  Bachelor Degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering obtained in "First Class" or better (the committee will evaluate application of Students with Bachelor Degree in different fields of Engineering on the basis of University Transcript).

The fulfilment of above criterion does not ensure application acceptance. Each application will be evaluated by a Committee and Applicants will be informed about outcome of the evaluation process typically within 2 weeks.

For non-EU applicants, enrollment is subject to the immigration rules defined by the Italian government (consider that the MSc in Civil and Environmental Engineering is a second-cycle degree program). Detailed information is available on the website “Studenti Stranieri” managed by the Ministry of Education, Universities and Research and on the website of the Italian diplomatic representatives (Embassies, Consulates, or Cultural Institutes) in the country of the applicant. Early application is strongly encouraged, as the immigration rules require that a limited number of non-EU students be enrolled in the program yearly; applications are processed on a first come, first served basis.


Applicants may be of any nationality. Students may enroll full-time or part-time: the duration of the program is two years for full-time students, three or four years (as planned by the applicant) for part-time students. 
Candidates with an Italian first level degree (Laurea Degree) and not requiring a VISA They must follow the procedure to enroll a Laurea Magistrale program on the website of the University of Cassino and Southern Lazio.

Enrollment -Candidates with a non-Italian first level degree and/or requiring a VISA
They must submit an online application to verify the eligibility for admission attaching the following documents:
1) passport
2) provisional certificate
3) the university transcript
4) the curriculum vitae
5) the motivation letter
6) the certificate of proficiency in English
7) n.2 recommendation letters (optional)  

Candidates may also provide up to two reference letters in support of their application. The Admission Committee evaluates candidates according to their proficiency and motivation.

Eligible candidates will receive detailed information to complete their enrollment (for non-EU citizens, this will require completing a pre-enrollment procedure and a VISA application at the competent Italian diplomatic representative). Early application is strongly encouraged so as to reserve enough time to complete the required paperwork. Confirmation of enrolment for non-EU citizens will be considered valid only upon possession of VISA.

Applicants are required to pay 10 EUR fee as evaluation rights

To apply please click herehttps://eventi.uniclam.it/CivilEng/Login/Login.php